Your Music & People

10 timeless insights from Your Music and People by Derek Sivers.

1/ Marketing is an extension of your art

The way you present something is just as important as what you present. The former will influence how people perceive the latter.

2/ Everything you do is a test

The entire process of creating something is all an experiment. It's impossible to fail if your only goal was to see what happens.

3/ Restrictions set you free

Feeling stuck? Set yourself some creative limitations. The more specific the constraints, the easier they'll be to fulfill on.

4/ Proudly alienate

Your art isn't for everyone. Deliberately exclude anyone who isn't your ideal customer. Rejecting the 99% will connect you better to the 1%.

5/ Show who you are

We're all different, only some of us show it. Define who you are, then declare it over and over again. Embed parts of your personality and philosophy into your business.

6/ Stay small

People are turned away by bland personalities and corporate speech. Let others be everything to everyone, you focus on being something to someone. Take pride in saying 'I' instead of 'we'.

7/ Put people to work

People love doing favors. It gives them a sense of importance and meaning. Don't be afraid to ask people what you need. Most are happy to help.

8/ Success isn't destiny

You're pulled to success by those around you. The more effectively you provide value to others, the more they'll reciprocate. Acknowledge their importance, and bring them along for the ride.

9/ Focus on the fundamentals

No one knows the future, so forget trying to predict it. Focus on the fundamentals, or what doesn't change in your business. Be stubborn with your vision, but flexible with the details.

10/ Good advice excites you

Differentiate good vs bad advice by how you react to it. Advice can either make you feel drained and uninspired, or excited and energetic. Ignore the former, act on the latter.