Most people have been taught to exchange their time for money.

The people instilling that idea grew up in a very different world, without a key ingredient that could make that notion obsolete — the internet.

The smartest people I know found a way to make the internet work for them.

If you can create something of value, you can build it once, and profit from it repeatedly, with zero cost to you excluding the initial time it took to build it.

The previous gatekeepers to making money were education & climbing the corporate hierarchy. The new gatekeepers are curiosity, action, and persistence.

Stop selling your finite resources (your time) for a salary.

Start selling your infinite resources (creativity) for freedom.

"Earn with your mind, not your time”


The how depends on both your skills & interests, but here are a few simple questions that can start you off:

Paralysis by analysis is real, so try not to get stuck in a decision loop that prevents you from taking action. The best way to start is to start small. You'll discover more as you go along.

To value creation,

Starting Small

April 03 — 2020

Time vs. Value

April 01 — 2020

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